February 29, 2012 Press Release



February 29, 2012, Seattle, WA
Contact: Candace Cantrell or 425-894-1321


Started in June 2011, the Seattle girls of Leather (SgoL) have exploded onto the local (and not so local) Leather, kink and sex-positive communities. With a small “g” and capital “L” representing their respect to Leather protocol, SgoL carries a sense of tradition and service into everything they do. Building bridges and injecting a powerful energy into everyone and anyone fortunate enough to meet them, they’ve charged the Leather community with a renewed sense of camaraderie and vitality.

During the International Ms. Leather Contest in San Francisco in March 2011, the San Francisco girls of Leather were a constant and inspiring presence. SgoL Founder and President, Candace Cantrell, came back home excited to bring a similar energy and vitality to Seattle’s Leather Community. “So many of the clubs and organizations are geared at Leathermen, or Tops, or are focused on only certain communities. What I saw in San Francisco was a group of girls who had fun, were diverse, and doing great community service and I wanted that here in Seattle.” By the end of April, Candace had pulled together an initial group to form SgoL and they made their presence known at Seattle Pride in June.

SgoL’s mission is twofold: to provide camaraderie and a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl; and to provide community service within in the region. Since June 2011, SgoL has been busy indeed! Every single month the Leathergirl presence has been felt at both members only and community-wide events. After their debut at Pride, SgoL launched a months-long toiletry drive to benefit the Salvation Army Women’s Shelter. There was a members-only slumber party. SgoL members were of service the NW LeatherSir, Leather boy and Community Bootblack contest – with one of their own, Ruin, winning the title of Community Bootblack. They did a painting party to paint the cabin built at The Longhouse for CSPC Executive Director, Allena Gabosch. They hosted hospitality during the Leather Reign V Conference. SgoL brought their groove to Hot Flash in December and threw two huge and amazing parties at the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC). First, the All Hallow's Eve Masquerade of Decadence which was a fundraiser for the Washington State Ms. Leather travel fund and then the New Year’s Eve party for the CSPC. And that isn’t even close to being a complete list of SgoL activities. More recently, SgoL has started Leathergirl Invasions to do even more outreach in the local community. Upcoming events where SgoL will have a definite presence include Kinkfest, the Washington State Mr. and Ms. Leather Contest, International Ms. Leather contest, the Sound to Narrows Run, a monthly Leathergirl Invasion, and more. Upcoming charitable events include a car wash fundraiser for the White Center Food Bank.

Along with all the special events, SgoL has a monthly meeting at the CSPC (first Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm). The meeting starts with a guest speaker bringing education and entertainment to the members and guests. In less than a year, SgoL has grown to a core of 33 full members and many more associates, supporters, and admirers. Anyone interested in learning more about this dynamic and growing group, please stop by

Keep your eyes peeled for the Seattle girls of Leather at an event near you! You never know where they might be next…