SgoL March 2012 President's Message

President’s Message
March 2012

My last message in November 2011 let you all know about all the amazing things that had happened in the fall of 2011. Just when I thought SgoL couldn’t possibly top all that activity, the members of SgoL have yet again surpassed all my wildest dreams and have been busy indeed!

Over Thanksgiving Weekend, SgoL was of service at the Seattle Daddy/Daddy's boy contest held at The Cuff. The toiletry drive concluded during the contest and attendee’s helped us out immensely with their generous donations. Special props to Nix for doing such a great job as the Judge’s Runner.

On December 3, SgoL attended Hot Flash Inferno. Hot Flash is an over-40’s, all women’s dance event. It was a blast! We raffled off some great prizes and shook our collective booties all over Neighbors Nightclub. Lady Vi was back with her tantalizing spanking booth and

New Year’s Eve was quite the event for SgoL. We hosted the big bash at the CSPC. It was a magnificent evening! Everyone who attended raved about the night. Marfim did a great job with coordinating the volunteers and staff.

From the beautiful decorations and atmosphere created by Mare and her crew, to the delectable food created by GirlonFire, to the great entertainment provided by DJ’s Mariu5, D.J. Ren 1, and DJ t333bone, and the delightfully sexy performances by burlesque performers led by Luscious Lady Pop. It was a fantastic evening capped off by dancing and a very busy dungeon full of great play.

February 4th brought SgoL to Bang for the Buck and the funny rendition of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” brought SgoL a third place finish their first time at Bang. We also did our first Leathergirl Invasion at The Wildrose. We had a blast doing a train through the bar and eliciting laughter from the other patrons. Every month, SgoL will be “invading” some bar, restaurant, or event in the area, bringing our special brand of fun to the community.

SgoL was honored to receive the 2011 Group of the Year award from the CSPC during the annual volunteer recognition event and the 2011 Emerald Community Service Award from WSMLO. I’m so proud of SgoL and so pleased that our girls have been recognized for the hard work they have done over the past year. We are all motivated to make 2012 an even bigger and better year.